For every article shared on our blog, a tree will now be planted in South America!

We are excited to announce a new, strong partnership with Wherefrom! Championing brands’ sustainability, the platform has been planting trees on behalf of consumers, when they review a product and its environmental imprint. Now, they are stepping foot in the music industry, teaming up with us at YMX into delivering educational campaigns, promo events, and a whole lot of resources about sustainability in the music industry.

DM Ascension ‘Best of Me’ Interview

DM Ascension is the music project of Mike Dooley & Daniel White. their latest track ‘Best of Me’ features the beautiful vocals of Gold Coast smooth jazz and lounge singer – Jenayla who is joined by Canberra-based Saxophonist Dan Bray, who takes his smooth sax skills on this latest DM Ascension track to an all new high. ‘Best of Me’ is complimented by …

AARON YORKE and the new jewel ‘Difficult Year’

‘Difficult Year” is the new soothing and elegant jewel signed by Aaron Yorke, released last December and praised by BBC Radio, that defines his work as a “Songsmith of soaring vocals and sensitively crafted tunes”.
During these difficult times, when we all need cuddly moments, the Worcester-based songwriter, gives us an intimate piece that makes us reflect on the almost “unnamable” 2020, but also on painful life facts as a divorce.”Difficult Year’ sounds like the calm after the storm, it’s not a sad song, but on the opposite, it carries that good energy of rebirth..

When a rising act sets a higher bar in the music scene: the anthemic rock of THIRD LUNG and their latest emotional single ‘FALLING STONE’.

Uk must be proud of this incredible act who’s rising in the music scene thanks to their distinctive and unique sound. THIRD LUNG is one of those band with an innate talent at creating songs destined for success. After making themselves known in the underground scene with performances at The Great …